Precautions for chain link curtain installation


Please pay attention to the installation of chain link curtain!

1. Make different connections according to the situation

If the wall is made of wood, it is only necessary to directly install the screw of the guide rail on the fixed position of the wood. If the wall is made of cement, it is necessary to use an electric drill to punch holes in a specific position, then knock in the special nylon expansion pipe, and then insert the screw into the special nylon expansion pipe to tighten it.

2. Precautions for installing chain link curtain hook

If the chain link curtain hook is used to fix the chain link curtain, it should be noted that the distance between the chain link curtain hooks should be calculated evenly first, and the rusty hooks should be replaced immediately. In actual use, the number of pins inserted into the slot can be adjusted, and the interval between each two hooks can be adjusted, so as to adjust the effective width of the chain link curtain.

3. The installation should be firm

When installing chain link curtain, it is necessary to ensure the firmness of the installation. It is not good that the chain link curtain will automatically fall off before it has been used for a period of time. Therefore, when installing chain link curtain, please select the bracket that matches the chain link curtain and the pole. If the bracket is too small, it may be easy to damage the bracket. On the other hand, if the bracket is too small, it may be damaged, If the contact surface of the wall is small, the number of mounting nuts or the size of the nuts will be limited, which will easily make the chain link curtain instable.




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