Characteristics of metal cloth curtain


Metal cloth curtain is a new type of architectural decoration material, which is made of high-quality alloy aluminum, brass, copper and other alloy materials, and woven through the spiral sleeve. The color is bright and beautiful, so most families will choose to use metal cloth curtain to show their taste and pursuit in home decoration.

Characteristics of metal cloth curtain:

1. Metal cloth curtain is made of high-quality stainless steel, aluminum alloy, brass, copper and other alloy materials. Metal cloth curtain has a variety of colors for people to choose from. Generally, the colors of metal cloth curtain are golden yellow and silver. Metal cloth curtain has good sag, and can be folded and moved freely like a curtain, Because metal cloth curtain has unique flexibility and luster.

2. Metal cloth curtain directly creates different artistic styles of current metal decoration, and the color of metal cloth curtain is variable, which will present a very beautiful effect under the refraction of light.

3. The surface of metal cloth curtain is treated by special process, so metal cloth curtain has certain high temperature resistance and is not easy to fade.





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