ସ୍ବପ କୁପ ସହିତ ବୁଖ୍ଯାହୋଇଟକର


The way of weaving architectural woven mesh with hemp rope is very simple. First, one rope is laid horizontally, and all other ropes are arranged vertically on the horizontally laid rope. The arranged ropes are folded down and placed in order. The ropes are staggered, and one of the ropes is connected with the other ropes. In the same way, the rope is woven to a suitable length.

Architectural woven mesh is to arrange the hemp rope according to the order above, tie the two adjacent buckles of the arranged hemp rope together, weave in the up and down direction after weaving in the left and right direction, and finally fix the edge of the woven rope together. When weaving, pay attention to the arrangement of the order, and do not make mistakes.

Another way is to place the rope horizontally around to form a rectangle, put a suitable number of ropes on the prepared rope, and finally weave them together. It should be noted that the spacing between the rope and the rope should not be too far.

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