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Precautions for installation of scale mesh curtain:

1. The installation of scale mesh curtain is closely related to the size, so it is necessary to confirm the size and effect of the application.

Generally, scale mesh curtain is manufactured according to the size measured under tension, and can be made into the same size as the size provided. Assuming that the suspension installation or the demand wave effect or folding effect will consume the material size, so if you do not want to install the tightening effect, you should budget the size.

2. Scale mesh curtain is made of metal materials. It can deform only when it is hit by hard objects such as table corner and angle iron.

Due to the special ductility of metal materials, even if the metal material is deformed, it can continue to be used normally with a little tool recovery. Therefore, only pay attention to the installation and use, will not constitute damage.

In addition, metal materials are prone to acid and alkali corrosion, so it is best not to install in acid and alkali environment.

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