ବ୍ଯାଖ୍ଯାକର ମେସ କଣ?


What are the advantages of architectural mesh in construction?

In the construction project, the construction network can be said to be everywhere. We are not very clear about its advantages and why it is so recognized by us. When the construction network is preserved, it will have higher requirements and better strength than other networks. Compared with grade I steel, it also saves nearly 30% of the material. In terms of the shortage of power, this is more important.

Compared with other materials, the construction network can be better and the construction quality can be guaranteed. When welding steel, it can be planned and laid according to the planning drawings. Compared with the traditional manual binding, it can have better quality, accelerate the progress of construction, and effectively shorten the construction period.

The construction network that meets the requirements can also support the work requirements and standards. It can carry out welding and sound field according to the safety standards, which can ensure a better production quality when welding. This regulation is also the construction work has been proposed. Many network manufacturers try their best and technical personnel on the concept of architecture are innovation and development, which can effectively ensure that the construction network has more direct power.


The use of construction nets can reduce the installation time of steel bars and reduce the cracks of concrete. The mesh size of welded mesh is irregular, but it has good elasticity. As the reinforcement is not easy to play, it will rarely show deformation and sliding, which can reduce the cost of reinforcement. The advantage of construction network is relatively large, the use of this material, the effect will be higher.

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